quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

All in a day’s work

Being a parent is challenging. Often you hear that the efforts of nappies and tantrums are “all in a day’s work”. That’s true but I thought I’d share a day I had recently.
My day started with a kick in the face. It was from a very small foot belonging to L. I opened my eyes to see my 2 year old daughter sleeping in our bed, sideways. It is a new fad I hope she will quickly grow out of. I put a pillow over my head to block out the light and went back to sleep. It didn’t last long. The next thing I know it’s being pulled away with a cry of “peepo”, immediately followed by “book” as a thin book was thrust under my nose, narrowly avoiding one nostril.
I sit up and pat the bed for her sit next to me whilst I read it to her several times before she decides it’s time to go downstairs, with the apt cry of “downstairs” often paired with handing me a sock or a slipper.
I dress and go downstairs holding her in my arms and then juggle a cereal bowl and milk. Lately she has been ordering her breakfast - “that one…Lily’s bowl. Spoon. Spoon a daddy, spoon a Lily”.
Breakfast then continues with her sat on my knee and we take turns to eat from the spoon from daddy’s bowl. She won’t bother with her own bowl full until later.
The rest of the day passes without event until later, when Lily decided it was time to go outside. “Come on daddy. Sit here. Pleeeeease. Fala.”
I followed her outside to find yet another ball in the garden, to join the other two, all from the neighbour’s kids. I am pretty sure we could easily open a shop with the balls we have. Footballs, tennis, cricket and now a sponge one.
I set about attacking the Triffids that had taken occupation of the garden, following the week’s worth of rain that fell in June. Thankfully they offered little resistance.
As I turned my attention to some other weed that was squatting in a planter, I heard a little girl’s voice loud and clear behind me as if they were in the garden. I looked around to see an Eastern oriental girl sat on the fence. I smiled and she smiled back and waved as if her somewhat cheeky trespass was entirely normal. I returned to my weeding only then remembering that I had pink Hello Kitty shaped hairclips either side of my rapidly thinning hair. This was not a baldness cure of mechanically fastening hair to my head. No, it was just all in a day’s work.

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